Who We Are


3 Local Brothers is the parent company of The Barrel Room, Urge Gastropub, Brothers’ Provisions, Mason Ale Works, Mason Coffee Works and 101 Proof.  That sounds super intimidating, but we promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.  We’ve learned way more about “companies” and “corporate structures” than we ever thought possible.  All that being said and without getting into too much detail, the company that would become 3 Local Brothers (3LB) was started in 2007 in Rancho Bernardo.  Long-time friends Zak and Grant, who had both gone to college and gotten degrees like they were “supposed to do,” had begun their careers in corporate finance and banking before they decided to take a chance and start their own business.  Both had been involved in the wine industry through college and the new venture would be an opportunity to put that knowledge to work, as well as hopefully be a lot more fun than sitting in a cubicle.  In January of 2007, The Barrel Room opened its doors and within 30 minutes of opening, had an hour long wait for a table.  Though Zak and Grant both kept their day jobs for several years, the future was clear.  Since the guys had met at the age of 15 and with the addition of Zak’s brother Nate to the ownership and operations side of the company, the name 3 Local Brothers was chosen to represent the unity amongst the group.  A bond that can’t be broken.

The goal from the beginning was to provide guests with high end dining and imbibing options at value driven prices in underserved communities.  Grant and Zak had met in Rancho Bernardo during high school and to be honest, the community was pretty boring.


It was one of the first master planned communities in the US and was basically a wasteland of strip malls and chain eateries.  We wanted to make the place we lived, the kind of place we wanted to live in.  As the company grew, it added to its original wine bar and bistro concept with a gastropub concept, a gourmet deli, a high quality coffee concept, a small commercial bakery and a brewery with many more plans for the future.  The different restaurants have helped teach us how to adapt to changing tastes, analyze trends and adjust our businesses so that if something isn’t a success on day one, it is on day two.  We make the kind of places that we want to go to.

We’re not content with taking the same concept and simply repeating it over and over.  Sure, Urge Gastropub and Whiskey Bank is technically the second “Urge” location, but you’ll find that this spot is pretty different than the original location in RB.  To us, chain is a four letter word.  We want our guests to understand that there is a connection between both Urge Gastropubs but also let each place have its own personality and reflect the community of which it is a part.  Think of it as a couple of siblings that look a little bit alike; you can tell they’re related and part of the same family but they’re not twins.

We have big plans for the future and are planning more restaurants very soon.  That being said, we don’t want to just keep opening the same place over and over.  Got a great idea?  Let us know!  We might be able to make it happen together…